The milled and pressed juice is pumped away to be fermented in our vessels of traditional oak construction.

All of our ciders here at Westons Cider are fermented in our large stainless steel tanks. After this, our cider is then matured in our old oak vats.

Cider needs a period of maturation after fermentation to develop its full character. Some of the juice is matured for up to 8 months resulting in the mature flavour and full character that is associated with Westons ciders.

Our fermentation vats are made of traditional oak and some are older than 200 years. These vats are huge, in fact, our largest vat, Squeak, holds 42,107 gallons (that's 340,000 pints of cider!)

Mastering the cider

Following maturation, our Master Cider Maker works his magic ensuring the cider is clarified, sweetened, chilled and carbonated according to requirements and also tastes it's best, always.

Westons ciders and perries are available in a variety of bottle sizes, 2 litre jugs, bag-in-box or keg.