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  • 1870
    • Founded in September 1878 in Much Marcle

      Founded in September 1878

      Way back in 1878, Henry Weston and his wife Emily moved to The Bounds here in Much Marcle. They loved Herefordshire and Henry immersed himself into cultivating the 166 acre farm, producing the most healthy and juicy apples around.

      Henry's pride and passion is definitely hereditary as Westons Cider continues to produce refreshing cider from delicious Herefordshire apples. In fact, Henry Weston's seal of approval is seen on every bottle, and if it's good enough for him, well it's good enough for us!

  • 1880
    • Henry starts selling his cider commercially1880

      Henry starts selling his cider commercially

      Henry- pictured here with his three sons, Hubert, Stafford and Leonard- was a devoted father to his nine children and realised that selling his cider commercially would better the standard of living for his family. So, in 1880 Westons Cider was borne…

    • The Cider Mill1881

      The Cider Mill

      This old mill is still here in Much Marcle and consists of a vertical, circular stone and a half a tonne runner which was traditionally rolled around a stone trough by one of the Westons shire horses to create a pulp.

    • Railway station opens…in Dymock 1885

      Railway station opens in Dymock

      Allowing Henry Weston to begin wider distribution of his cider as far away as London and Scotland.

      And with the additional help of Westons first ever salesman, Mr Will Smith, 75% of Henry's cider was enjoyed outside of Herefordshire.

  • 1890
    • The power of the word…1892

      The power of the word

      Henry expanded the business not by advertising but by word-of-mouth.

      He established a tradition of business based on recommendation which has been maintained ever since…

    • A correct premonition…1896

      A correct premonition

      Cider lover and great friend of Henry Weston, Radcliffe Cooke, introduced the tipple to his fellow MPs and proved an invaluable contact.

      Radcliffe had the contacts but he also had the vision. In a letter to The Times, he correctly wrote that, 'Cider-Making is an industry capable of enormous development' and he was not wrong…

  • 1900
    • The Hydraulic Press1901

      The Hydraulic Press

      After the horse helped to grind the apples, the pulp would have been placed in horsehair cloths that were folded up to look like large envelopes. These were stacked up to form a pile, or a 'cheese', and the screw was turned to squeeze out the juice ready for fermentation.

      The leftover pulp (called pomace) was, and still is, used as animal feed.

    • Apples, the gold of Herefordshire1903

      Apples, the gold of Herefordshire

      Cider and Perry formed the annual pattern of life in the Herefordshire countryside.

      At the beginning of each day, the farm hands would bring their wooden flasks to Henry and he would generously fill them up giving each worker a spring in their step and an incentive to work hard!

  • 1910
    • The next generation1917

      The next generation

      Henry Weston sadly dies and his three sons, Hubert, Stafford and Leonard, proudly take over the Westons Cider dynasty.

    • Westons on the road1919

      Westons on the road

      Westons buy their first ever lorry allowing bulk deliveries to the West Country and The Midlands.

  • 1920
    • Expanding the estate1920

      Anchoring the empire

      The brothers decided to buy The Bounds from their landlord and also buy two neighbouring farms which expanded the estate to 450 acres and firmly established Westons in Much Marcle.

    • Expanding the empire1925

      Expanding the empire

      The brothers also invested in opening a fully-equipped garage which continues to service many of the vehicles that work on The Mill today.

    • Hubert passes away1929

      Eldest brother, Hubert, sadly dies aged only 47 and leaves his behind his beloved wife Elsie Wilsden and two boys Norman and Dennis.

  • 1930
    • Westons hits The Big Smoke!1933

      Westons hits The Big Smoke!

      In the early 1930s, Westons opened The Cider House on Harrow Road, London, which rapidly increased Westons customer base.

      Their fleet of trucks provided instant advertisement and Westons was becoming a nationally recognised and widely respected brand.

    • Rationing during the war1939

      Rationing during the war

      The cider industry, like most others, felt the effects of The Second World War.

      Many of the Westons workers went away to fight for our nation and, just like all commodities and luxuries, cider was rationed nationwide.

  • 1940
    • Thirsty glory!1947

      Thirsty glory!

      Our soldiers return back home extremely thirsty and enjoy nothing better than a good glug of Westons cider!

      The demand for Westons is sky-high and is met with an influx of new fermentation vessels and equipment being brought to The Mill here in Much Marcle.

      This investment ensures every pint of cider is consistently delicious and of the best quality.

  • 1950
    • Harvesting made easy…1950

      A tractor attaches its metal rope to the trunk of the apple tree

      A tractor attaches its metal rope to the trunk of the apple tree and mechanically shakes the whole tree.

      The fruit is then brushed up off the grass ready to be transported back to The Mill to be pressed into tasty cider.

  • 1960
    • Wetlands started…1962

      Westons Cider recycle.

  • 1970
    • Norman in charge1971

      Sadly Stafford and Leonard die within a few months of each other. As neither had any children, Hubert's son Norman takes full reign of the Westons crown.

      Norman left school aged 16 and learnt all of his cider knowledge from his two uncles so Westons cider was in very good hands.

    • Aveling and Porter1975

      Old Rosie

      Norman Weston purchases an old 1921 Aveling and Porter steam roller which is the inspiration for the name of our Old Rosie cider

  • 1980
    • 100 years!1980

      100 Years
    • Apple pits installed…1981

    • Henry & Tim Appointed1982

      Henry and Tim Weston great grandsons of Henry Weston appointed as Directors.

    • London Depot closed…1984

  • 1990
    • Europe & Beyond…1992

      Westons start exporting

    • Tours around Mill started…1994

    • Henry Westons Vintage…1995

      Henry Westons Vintage (8.2% ABV) is introduced which now sits proudly at the top of the premium cider category in the Off-Trade

    • Helen takes the reins!…1996

      Helen Thomas, the great granddaughter of Henry Weston becomes Managing Director of Westons

      Helen Thomas, the great granddaughter of Henry Weston becomes Managing Director of Westons.

      For Helen, growing up on the farm was idyllic and not much has changed. She says, 'It has been rewarding to take the Company forward to where we are today, along with my family and my committed employees.'

    • Restaurant opened…1997

    • Introducing Ben
      and Senator…1998

      Ben and Senator our Shire Horses

      Our resident shire horses. Ben, pictured here on the left, is younger and bigger than Senator but they both share an equal love for munching on carrots and polo mints!

      Come and visit Ben and Senator here at Westons Cider Mill… If they're not out on the road pulling wedding carriages or munching the grass in the field, they'll be cosy in their stable.For Helen, growing up on the farm was idyllic and not much has changed. She says, 'It has been rewarding to take the Company forward to where we are today, along with my family and my committed employees.'

      If you'd like the boys to pull you to the altar please get in touch.

    • Best Organic Alcoholic drink award…1998

      From Soil Association

    • Old hydraulic press…1998

      The use of the old hydraulic press was ceased. This is now an attraction for visitors to Westons Cider

    • Westons Cider mentioned in Motions in House of Commons…1999

      (International Beer & Cider Competition winners) and won Gold award from CAMRA

  • 2000
    • New Press…2000

      Westons switch to using a stainless steel hydraulic press

    • Bottle Museum Tea Room opens…2001

    • Hampton Court – Henry Weston Garden…2002

      Exhibited at Hampton Court Flower Show

    • HRH Duke of Edinburgh visited Westons…2003

    • New Visitor Centre opened
      & play park…2003

    • Accolade…2004

      ‘Westons have seen it all and gone through all the trends... [they] are a part of the landscape... In terms of cider and perry, if you don’t have the trees, you don’t have the fruit, and if you don’t have the fruit, you don’t have the drink...

      Much Marcle allegedly is the best place in the country for growing fruit, and it’s all to do with the quality of their soil.’ Gillian Williams, CAMRA’s (The Campaign for Real Ale) First Director of Cider and Perry Campaigning.

    • New 2880 pallet warehouse opened…2004

    • End of an era…2004

      Mr Weston dies 29/12/2004

    • Making History…2005

      Helen Thomas, Managing Director, makes history by becoming the first woman to head the National Association of Cider Makers in its 85-year history

    • Hereford Cattle and Sheep returned…2006

    • New production hall…2006

    • Our Hereford Bull Cracker came to the Farm…2007

    • Flavours of Herefordshire…2007

      Large producer of the year award

    • More Awards…2008

      Westons Cider, Winner – Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in the Food & Drink Industry

    • Tony Sergeant Memorial Cup
      Best Small herd…2008

      From Hereford Cattle Breeders Association

  • 2010
    • Heritage Centre opened…2010

      By HRH Princess Anne

    • Apples Apples Apples…2011

      1000 additional apples acres are planted

    • Chamber award…2011

      For Excellence in People Development

    • Year we hit 200 employees…2011

    • Helen Awarded…2012

      Helen Thomas, Managing Director is awared Regional Finalist - Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’

    • Down Under…2012

      Westons Cider buy World Brands in Australia, newly named Westons World Brands

    • Westons World Brands2012

      Westons World Brands

      October 2012 saw Westons Cider buying the Australian drinks distributor, World Brands Australia which proudly starts a new global chapter titled, Westons World Brands.

    • New offices…2013

      Sales, Marketing, HR, Managing Director and Operations Director , Master Cider Maker, staff rest room and gym all moved into new building plus the addition of new meetings rooms and a staff rest room.

    • Old Rosie Traction engine restored…2013

    • Prince comes to join Ben…2014

      Shire Horses

    • Cheltenham Jazz Festival…2014

      Westons start sponsoring the festival

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