We implement strict technical procedures to ensure Westons cider tastes its best, always.

Our Team

Our Technical team work relentlessly everyday to ensure the very best procedures are carried out and as a result, the very best cider is made. From the very moment the fresh fruit is brought to the cider mill it begins it's pressing journey, a journey that is closely monitored and a journey that is destined for happy cider drinkers.

Everyday, our team members taste each batch of cider making sure we maintain the quality and great taste that is associated with Westons Cider.

Soil Association

In fact, for Wyld Wood, our organic cider, we not only illustrate our deep and on-going passion for good quality cider but also our respect for nature and wildlife. Making organic cider for over 15 years, we work with The Soil Association to continue to nurture and sustainably manage our organic orchards thus enhancing and celebrating the nature within it. Our links with The Soil Association, who are the UK's leading campaign for healthy and sustainable farming, underpins our respect for nature and wildlife.


Our Wetlands System is a soil-based constructed wetland, made up of a series of specially designed and constructed earth banks and ponds. As the wastewater flows through these soil banks it is both purified by microbial action and transpired by growing plants. The WET System is planted with a wide range of aquatic and marginal plants and a variety of willow types and wetland tree species.


Both our techincal and social dedication is continuously acknowledged. Here are a few of our acknowledgments:

Westons Technical Accreditations